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Download MAMEData v2.20 - 11/27/09

Download updated data - from MAME 0.139

Read changes.txt

TinyMameData displays some of the data gathered in MameData into a window. You can for example call TinyMameData from a front-end to get information about a game.

The goal of MAMEData is mainly to have an offline database of the games emulated by MAME. You can also :
- Make lists of roms (.TXT, .INI, .DAT).

- Translate some of the .INI and .DAT files used by MAME and its different builds or by some front-ends.
- Make INI file compatible with MAME32 and some front-ends.
- Zip or unzip numerous roms in one time.
- Copy or delete images for available roms.
- Make MS Access database (only versions prior to v2.03)
- Make Html pages with these data.
MAMEData works with Windows. I have tested it on Windows 2000 and XP.

You have to install MAME or MAME32 or another build if you want to update data. For the moment I have only tested MAME and MAME32. If you encounter problems with another build, please contact me so that I can make MAMEData compatible with it.

Depending on your needs, you should get MAME, .INI and .DAT data files and also art files (game screen, title, flyer…). The more data you have, the more complete your database will be. You can download these data directly within MAMEData.

Download Old version of MameData (only with old MAME)

I made this software for my own. I give it to you as it is. Thank you for reporting any bug. Please make suggestion to me if you want it to improve.
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